UI elements being re-named

It’s official. :ok_hand:


I wish they also changed the name 3D view to viewport. :wink:

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Or call it 3D viewport (as the UV/Image editor has something akin to a 2D one)?

Something is happening. I hope they reach the 3d view. :wink:


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I don’t know how neatly this fits into this thread, but the “Workbench Engine” name has been made internal to the Blender source and the user visible name now is simply “OpenGL”.

I kind of liked that name though, even if the more mundane one is more descriptive and standard.

I hope they rename Grab to Move again.
I can’t understand why they changed it. Blender is weird i guess.


Object > Transform > “Grab / Move”, as in 2.79 Object menu should be. This is how it appears on the menu, but that should be consistent everywhere. “Grab” is fine to associate with “G” key. And “Move” part is good for Search feature, I think “Move” word is what new users look for when they do not know Blender.

Old and new problems:
Tool Bar only shows Grab word.
I can not find “Grab / Move” in menu in 2.8.
And Search feature does not show neither Grab nor Move, it appears as “Translate (G)”

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Sorry but, no, this is not fine! To assign a shortcut matching to the first letter of the function isn’t bad, but the other way round is nuts. There will also be an Industry standard key map so this makes no sense. As far as i know Blender is, again, the only software that uses the word “grab” for moving things.



They should call it Hardware render…

That’s ridiculous, workbench sounded terrific and conveyed exactly what it did.

We are not renaming Workbench to OpenGL. The Workbench render engine that you could select as an alternative to Cycles and Eevee did nothing anymore, all it gave you was an empty properties editor, so it was removed. It wasn’t what you would select to do work in.

What replaced the name Workbench in the UI some time ago are the Solid and LookDev shading modes. There just didn’t end up being any specific thing in the UI anymore that would be useful to name “workbench”, just various settings in the 3D viewport that are useful to get work done.

The new OpenGL render engine is there for the same purpose as the OpenGL Render operator, to render a previsualization of the scene for animation, sequencer, etc. Not so much a workbench.


It’s all rather meaningless, Cycles and Eevee are using exactly the same GPU hardware. The distinction between hardware and software rendering is outdated.

We’re open to better naming for this render engine though, and would probably rename the OpenGL Render operator to the same name then. That will also be outdated at some point because of Vulkan. So far ideas are Previsualization, Preview, Viewport and Playblast, though none of them convey exactly what it does.

Okay… I think I get it… this is subtle. Sorry about the confusion.

Well, I suggested that because it’s just the common name used in apps like maya/c4d for this type of “opengl” renderers.

Boomsmash! :smiley:


“Preview render” or “viewport render” sound good, at least it’s obvious what to expect : outputting to files what we’re seeing in the viewport.

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Okay just to be clear: no matter whether you are in Cycles or Eevee, when you are in “Solid” or “LookDev” shading modes you are using what used to be called the “Workbench engine”?

If so, that is good and makes sense, moreso than having to switch render engines back and forth in the middle of your workflow.

Solid is Workbench under the hood, LookDev is always Eevee.

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