UI gets unresponsive when using some nodes in 2.83

sometimes my blender interface becomes unresponsive, but it seems to be active somehow, since some values (mainly in the node editor) keep changing themselves. i’ve put a video attached to explain it better (sorry, recorded from cellphone).
it happens usually when I operate too much the colorRamp (creating or moving color positions).
when it happens, the whole system window becomes unresponsive, but the mouse can be moved and the colorRamp Pos value keeps flickering like in the video. changing to the system terminal (using CTRL+ALT+F1) and killing the blender process does not solve at all (apart from killing the proccess, nothing changes). the only thing I can do is reboot the system from the terminal. this didn’t happened with Blender 2.82. I’ve also attached the blend file i’m using.

System: Linux Debian Testing 64
(I tried Cinnamon and LXDE environments, with same results)
Intel core i5-7200U, 4g RAM, integrated video HD Graphics 620
Blender 2.83.5+dfsg-3+b1 amd64

halftone.blend (663.4 KB)