UI idea

the panels in the button window are already floating and moveable, i think it would be cool if you could like pop them out of the button window into say the 3d window. for lots of stuff it wouldnt really matter, but for the edit buttons i think it could be really useful, that way you could have the viewport maximized, and still have access to any buttons you need. also doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to implement, since you can already have floating panels in the viewport. anyone else think its a good idea?
heres what i mean:
or is this already possible?

I would definitely find that convenient.

that would rock - how did you get your colors dark grey like that? :smiley:

that would go against the whole gui idea that Blender currently are on the road for…but then there are always people who want other things…

check here:

i dont mean to go against the idea of blenders ui, i just think it would be useful for some people, i know i would work better that way, because it allows for more room for the 3d view, which is the most important part since 3d is a very visual thing.
not to mention there is already the background image and view properties panels that float there, why not have an option to put edit panels there? it doesnt detract from blender at all, just makes it more customizable.

prince: thats just a theme i have set, go to user preferences and click the themes button
and click on add (you have to make it your self :wink: )

one thing I would like to see though a GUI that’s similar to LightWave’s clean tabs and buttons…really neat!

but I guess that wont happen either, too bad I am no coder :frowning:


yeah i wish i was better at coding, it would be really cool to be able to work on blender
too bad the only language im halfway decent with is asm, its not the most useful… %|
or if the source was straight c, c++ is a pain, not that id be able to do much with it either way :wink:

I don’t like floating panels very much. They are like kids: Always in the way.
my 0.02 euro


Reason I don’t like floating panels in blender is because when you click on a floating window, the click passes through the window and affects the verts/objs below it.

Still, even if this could be fixed, there are too many windows in blender. Soon your 3D view would be totally obscured by windows.

funny, i dont remember saying anything about all windows being open ontop of the viewport.
what i was talking about was having the OPTION (being able to choose whether or not to) to move a panel into the viewport IF you wanted to, therefore it would only be obscured if YOU chose to make it so…