UI Memory Size

There’s been a few test over on the E-Cycles thread, w/ people running renders in various configurations. I’ve been having a load of issues trying to get renders of baked fire sims on my Win 10/GTX970 machine, renders that run fine on my Win 7/GTX980 machine. one of the posts suggests the UI for 2.0 is massive, over a gig in size;

i got 10.37 with a command line render, still faster
also the VRAM went from 4500Mo to 3200Mo so the UI take 1.3Go of VRAM"

Is this being worked on? because if that’s right then it’s a ridiculously massive percentage of VRAM on my card and doubtless many other people’s.
as a partial aside, why is there not a user option to turn off/simplify the UI when the F12 key is pressed, if this would help performance?

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For the most part, a computer program’s use of memory is “opportunistic” – if it’s available, it will be used. That’s what it’s there for, after all.

Also, an operating system’s management of memory (not applicable to VRAM) is “lazy” – if no one else is competing for the resource, the operating system won’t bother to sweep the floors. So, the apparent resource consumption of the process will be over-stated.