UI Questions

Hey guys.

I need to make some 3D walkthrough and annotated self-assembing models for a project - I was thinking that maybe the BGE could do what I needed.

I have a question since my presentation is text-heavy: Can the BGE display arbitrary 2D UIs, including multi-line text? Or are we still restricted to single-line text with bitmap fonts, like in the old NaN days?

We are still stuck with the bitmap font one liners afaik.

Are you using a bullet compatible walkthrough setup? If not, I made one some time ago, maybe you’ll find it usefull:


Actually, I believe it can be accomplished using python, though I don’t know how. Talk to ST150 about it, I know he’s done it. Also, check the Games/Demos/Tutorial list UPDATE Dec 2006 sticky for Blengine’s demo files, I think there’s an example of this, but I can’t get it to work in 2.42a

I have some rudimentary python (non-blender) in me: I’ll get on task after finals end.

Judging by the way I see bitmap fonts used in tutorials, it looks like it’s probably a pretty straightforward thing to emulate multi-line text with a python object - it will also serve as some practice for my absolutely terrible OOP skills.

Actually, what I’m going to be doing in making some turntable models, rather than a walkthrough, that have different toggle-able layers and such, and will take themselves apart on command.

That’s very cool. Come to think of it, the GE (at it’s present state) is best suited for such projects.