UI Repaint and Python

I just installed Blender 2.45 (I’m not interested in upgrading to 2.48, please don’t ask unless it’s required to fix the problem). I use Windows XP Pro.

I have two issues. The first is that the GUI doesn’t seem to repaint properly. I’ll get squares forming, or menus won’t disappear entirely at first. Typically, this only lasts until I move the mouse some, or click on something, and then it goes away, only to be replaced by another…glitch. I’ve had this problem with every version of Blender I can remember. Is it just something I need to deal with? Could it be graphics card related?

The second problem I have is that with my recently installed Blender 2.45 install. I tells me I need to have python 2.5 installed to even run the program, which is fine. The problem is I have Python 3.0 installed. Anything I can do to correct this, or should I uninstall 3.0 and install 2.5?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

For display problems graphics drivers is the most likely culprit, you need support for Open GL. What card/driver combination do you use?

As for Python, Blender is currently built with 2.5 so you will need to install that, but generally there is no problem having more than one version installed.

…and welcome to blenderartists!

Graphics are Intel, which doesn’t do Opengl, as far as I know. Thanks for the help.