UIList in popup dialog

Is this possible to work?
When i overide Operator (which is called as a popup dialog) function draw and put template_list() in draw function. there is a list but it can’t update.
Only what i couldn’t do is put in template_list default UIList. althought i put MATERIAL_UL_matslots_example
(from this example http://www.blender.org/documentation/blender_python_api_2_65_5/bpy.types.UIList.html) in it.
from this example i try to comment draw method and use only class definition because i don’t know how to put default UIList.
Can anybody please post some example about UIList in popup.
I’m going to post codes tomorrow
Thank you


It’s not really supported AFAIK, but you should actually check with a very recent build, if it’s supported by now. Campbell added something related to popups, which should enable you do create somewhat reactive popups