UK Blender users meet-up?

Hi all,

I occasionally see posts here, and announcements elsewhere, about Blender users in the same country meeting up, or having a conferences. But there never seems to be any yearly event, of any kind, in the UK. I’ve searched the forums and found a couple of posts asking about a UK meet-up but they’re years old now and there doesn’t seem to be anything recent.

Are there just not that many Blender users in the UK? I think it would be good to meet other Blender users in the UK. Perhaps strengthen the UK community.

If anyone knows of any UK meet-ups, or has a way/ideas to get this request out to all the UK users (I know not everyone checks the off-topic forums) please let me know.

If enough people are interested maybe we can organise something. If it’s successful perhaps we could make it a yearly thing.

It makes no sense if you don’t live in the UK to vote (unless you’re willing to travel over!), so I could I request that only those who live in the UK vote, cheers :smiley:

Hi Battery,

Doesn’t look like many uk blender users, i use blender as a hobby in the uk, Peterborough. i’d be interested getting together somewhere if this ever happens.

thanks richard.