Ukulele player under the moonlight

Cycles + Photoshop for the post prod
The final render still a bit noisy but it was the second try, which has already took 26h to render on CPU with 500 samples ( the first try of rendering, which was less noisy have an estimated time near 150h , but blender have crashed in the middle of the rendering, it seems that there wasn’t enought memory ).

Ressources used :
Most of the textures come from CGtexture
Human base mesh :…
The grass is a freebie from “The grass essential” by BlenderGuru :…
Ground/dirt texture :…
i think i didn’t forget anything

Comments welcome !

Ps: English isn’t my born language, so i tried to avoid mistakes as hard as i can. i hope that my post didn’t have too many mistake ! :slight_smile: