Ultima 5: Lazarus

So, do you have Dungeon Sige 1? Do you like Ultima?
So, if the answer in both is yes go and introduce yourself on Ultima v: Lazarus, a remake of Original Ultima 5 using Dungeon Siege.

And even if you don’t like, or know Ultima series, try it anyways, doesn’t cost you a dime, that is if you already have Dungeon Siege.
I’ve been playing it for a couple of days now, and let me tell you, I couldn’t even imagine, that you could do a decent game whit DS engine. Yes, I bought DS from the sales bin just for this.
The game is still a bit buggy, but apparently you can play it through and the team is patching it up as fast as they get the bug reprts, and that is happening pretty quickly.

The game itself is about 500 megs in size, so you need a decent connection to download it, but I’d say it’s well worth the wait. Oh, and don’t forget to download patches.

well thats for Windows only…

and if you want real ultima experience, go with these:


Well, not just for Windows, there is a mac version too.

Besides you have to give thos guys kudos for doing a project like this, even tough the Dungeon Siege engine forced them to drop out couple of things, like the the flying carpet and horseback riding.

But at least they have virtue system, reagant magic and rather well working scheduled Britannia full of active NPC’s.

well, mac versions dont really help me… wish I could try it out someday. there was also a projects going on where people were using neverwinter nights engine to do the remakes… dont remember what happened to those projects though.


For all of your ultima remakes needs.

I think someone made, or is making, ultima 4 to NWN engine, but I couldn’t try it, as I don’t have the expansion pack.