Ultimate blender engine?

Hello, I need some help. I got the default blender program with the game engine. But I have heard that it’s possible to improve the engine and use lights to make it prettier. I think it as called apricot or something. Anyway I wonder if someone could upload the ultimate blender program with different plug ins that make the game engine better.

Or you could just show me links to the different plug ins to use. Thanks alot!:slight_smile:

It’s called GLSL
You always need to use materials, go to game, use glsl materials.
Here’s the build I use:

Thanks, do I need blender for this?

That’s Blender with GLSL, what I sent you…
The new blender version. You don’t need an old Blender

I mean is it stand alone, like a expansion pack. Or can I uninstall my old blender now?

Wow, maybe you just don’t get around very much. :\ :confused: It’s okay though because someone is here to explain it to you. :smiley:

Apricot is the version of blender being developed for the Apricot Open Game. It’s a separate branch of blender, but will eventually be merged into the trunk.

I wouldn’t say it’s a good idea to uninstall the ‘old’ blender. This is mainly because the apricot branch is not completely stable yet. It is; however, a stand alone. (which means that you don’t need any other program to run it)


Cool so the apricot is beta. Thanks:o

Have you been living on another planet or something. Every ones has been talking about this for ages!

If another planet is not at the computer. Then yes, I have been on another planet…I came to earth just some time ago. And I like earth, it’s a nice place and there is alot of fun stuff to do here. :wink:

Yea. Earth is pretty cool.:cool:

BLENDER 1.5! TH EXPANSION PACK! now with 7 new Areas to explore and a new demon class! Plus an All new UI THEME!


I Changed the colors, Apricot does not look like this…

1.5? I think that’s 2.461

What, sorry for my nobinees. But is that a new version of blender or is it apricot.:eek:

Noobiness you say? I must destroy you!

apricot is a new version of blender, the only difference between 2.46 and apricot is that there is more optimization in the Game engine. Apricot is blender, blender is apricot

Guys don’t be so mean, it’s not a simple thing to understand, if we want a larger community we can’t act like this. :wink:

You should probably learn to use 2.46 before you start messing around with Apricot builds. Eventually, of course, the Apricot features will be implemented in future core versions of Blender.

And, uhhhh, noob destroyer: He said “nobinees,” not “noobiness.” Nobinees is the language spoken by politicians, which involves making slight bellowing noises through the nasal cavity.

I searched for it on Google. The only results where this thread and 2 more things.

I’m sorry if my posts sounded mean, I don’t post anything in a rude tone.

i think someone should make a post explaining how apricot works for people who are new to game engine, since alot of people need help (including me :))