Ultimate Dark Theme

Hello everyone this is my first contribution to this amazing blender community. First off let me start by commenting a bit my story and why i created this “Ultimate Dark” theme, OK, so here I am a newbie in blender (at least in blender because usually I work with other 3d packages like max, zbrush and maya), I was happy using it but something wasn’t right , too much contrast for my taste, and I didn’t liked so I thought well let’s try the themes that comes with blender and 1 specifically looks almost alright and I’m talking about Elysium but it was lacking a bit of contrast and the orange color don’t suit with me, so I started researching how to do a blender theme and it is easier than it looks, so here it is, my highly revised/tuned/functional/easy on the eyes theme “Ultimate Dark”, everything in color blue is either active/toggled/checked/touched/slided etc
hope you like it and please comment.


ultimate_dark.zip (3.51 KB)

It looks pretty nice I think, clean and simple, just the way I like it :slight_smile:

Where can one download this theme?

Hi there, just forgot to attach the file, now it should appear.:rolleyes:

Hi, sorry i forgot to attach the file, now it should appear.

Great theme , I like it.

thanks for share

very nice theme thanks