Ultimate GeForce PC competition Entry

Hi guys, the entry period for NVidia’s Ultimate GeForce PC competition has just ended and I just about got mine in on time - here are a couple of renders if anyone is interested.

I should mention that all the modelling was done in Blender, some of the texturing in Substance Designer and some in the Blender texture editor, and it was all rendered in Cycles - using concepts from Cyndicat’s (I think that’s his name) PBR tutorial series and a few modifications of my own for the shaders (I stuck to the dialectric/metal - roughness system). I used mesh lights with textures from Oliver Wolfson’s website and an additional HDRI from the sIBL archive. The shaded renders took about 40-50 minutes to render 1024 samples on an EVGA GTX 1070 SC gfx card.

A couple more renders.


And one more.

Modelling and textures are great but it lacks punch. Like the lightning is not there in an interesting way, also very dark.

Just to light it up a little will help I think;

Oh, that looks much better, strange what a fresh fair of eyes can see, eh?

I did not know there was a competition. But I looked it up and it seems you only need the case made. Maybe I should join too. Mine probably look like something from Fischer Price toy line :smiley:

Either way, good luck in the competition.