Ultimate Randomness! #1

I hope to start a monthly contest that takes place at the end of every month. It has it’s name because it’s not like [mechanical modeling #1] it’s different every month. So now it’s time to lay down the law!


Van Gogh - Starry Night


Entries: September 30th
Judging: October 2nd
Submit entries to [garet]AT[theanimatedartist[DOT]com] (don’t spam)


1,000,000 Vertices Limit (Note: This is not faces!)

You may use…
Bump maps
Spec maps
Normal maps
AAO maps

You may NOT use…
Post processing programs (ie: gimp, photoshop, etc)
3rd party programs (ie: Maya for fire)

I hope you all have fun! Any more questions? :eyebrowlift2: