Ultra-high frame rates?

Hi, I’m looking to get framerates over 1200fps, which seems to be what blender is capped at. Any ideas?

Why are you looking for such a high frame rate?

Even if you can get a single frame to render in under 10 seconds it would still take you 2-3 hours to render just 1 second at 1200fps.

I was worried you’d ask that.

I want to use blender as an audio waveform editor, so that isn’t a problem. I need an audio sample rate, 44100 will do. At the moment, I’m forced to import the audio into audacity and speed it up. I’d rather not have to do that. I also have to mixdown the audio to hear it because blender only updates the volume per frame.

I’m down to edit python or use scripts or edit core blender files if that’s what it takes. I’ve had a look through some files but I can’t find a way to remove the cap on that number.