ultra-low poly character for a mobile game?

Hello Blender gurus,

I actually downloaded Blender a few days ago, so far I am following tutorials from ‘The Essential Blender’. I hope that (once I learn the basics) I will be able to come up with a simple character to use in a cellphone game (more of a ‘digital pet’ kind of thing actually). The cellphone is Symbian s60 5th Edition (like the Nokia N97).

I’ve written some 3D for those cellphones before (entirely programatically so far) and unfortunately as they don’t have any 3D accel, the poly count really has to be kept to a minimum. My experience shows that anything more than 300 untextured or 150-200 textured triangles will be too slow.

Thus the question: what do you think? Is it possible to come up with a ( simple, cartoonish-looking but smooth! ) character using no more than 150 triangles?

you must first find a program to convert it!

There is a plugin to export stuff to a .m3g file. I have already modeled a simple scene - 150 polys- and imported that to N97, runs fine. ( I mean I can programatically move the camera with acceptable, but not great, speed )

Well, I created toad from mario a couple of days ago for fun, and it turned out guite good, and looks quite smooth. It has 142 faces I think.

you can do quite nice things, without textures, using Vertex Colors only!
Here’s a little tut:
You can download the model and make some experiences with the Poly Reducer Python script!

Great stuff, OTO. Thanks a bunch!