Ultra-Violet scene

Hi all,

Modelling shades that fit well to a characters face and still look cool was more difficult than I first thought. Anyway, I hope you like the results.



Feedback welcomed


This looks very good!

You know, I descovered that making a shader which is based on the bumpiness of skin but not on its color is more belivable than trying to find the exact skin tone. Making someone from the “blue man group” is easier than making a believable human skin. I wonder why that is :o

The results are very good. Impressive work

Thanks very much for the feedback although I was referring to the shades he’s wearing. lol

I finished most of the face a while back. I just added the cool shades and some sureal lighting.

I’m glad you like the effect.

Here’s another pic for you to set your eyes on without the ultra-violet light. Enjoy!


Something about the ultra-violet light…

A bright violet light source that doesn’t cast specular. Really enhances the effect :). Mostly at the moment it looks like you’ve blue-filtered it (LIke these use to make film scenes appear to be “at night”, you know?)

Nice image, and great idea :smiley:

hmm, lighting is alll off. try using the toon shader to create a suitable materiol for skin shadows. see if you can achieve an effect similar to your avatar, lighting and material wise.

very nice… been waiting for someone to model the Matix characters in blender…

That is Neo right??? right???

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