uLTRA VNC remote connection?

does anyone know what this program is capable of before i install it.
like has anyone found a video or something like that of what it does.?

i really want to have a working pretty good network…
or is a vpn better.?
only thing is i dunno how to set one up lol.
thanks please help lol.

yea , I use tight VNC, ultra is windows only.

Nice to be able to pop into my work system, to do some quick work :slight_smile:

but i dont know how to use it.
i have looked in it and to set it up you need to add clients right??
well it only lets me add clients from my computer only… like only users from my computer.

it doesn’t let me add in one of the 5 computers in our network at home.?

can you add them in by ip/? or search for tem somehow else??

What are you trying VNC with? I have X11VNC installed on my Linux server, and UltraVNC on my Windows box and I VNC through them no problem (SSH tunneling).

Each box needs to have a VNC client, and they both need to be running. For me, I SSH to my box, start X11VNC from the command line, and fire up the UltraVNC Viewer and I’m set. To do that, you enter the Network IP or system name and the screen number (so if your remote computer’s name is “linuxpc” you would have the Viewer set to “linuxpc:1” meaning screen 1 on linuxpc).

heu again it says i need, to connect to another computer. have vnc in listening mode.?
how do i do that.?
so to add a new client on the network i would type something like this

my computer name followed by ip?

Sounds like an interesting program!

Here’s a little tutorial… Since I’m only using VNC to go to Linux, I’m not sure the steps needed to go from Windows to Windows.