My new finished work

Vertex paint, halo and raytracer materials, mist, star, render in blender internal mode.
only 15000 polys


…miau, miau.

Wow :o . Feel like I’m falling looking up. Dont like the star/ufo if it’s a star, then ya might want to work on it a bit. Everything looks great to me though except that star thing, It has a red dot in it. Might want to get rid of the lines.
Keep up the good work though :smiley: .

impressive :o :stuck_out_tongue: That sun makes it fake, but i like the camera positioning, and lighting

Hey, don’t take that lying down. In middle school I took a class where we had to do a 1-pt perspective drawing. Predictably, everyone in the class did the usual ugly “city block” scene. I did the same thing you did here. AND I stuck a UFO in the middle (cause the compass peirced through the tape into the page).

Nobody in class could figure out what it was. (Predictably.)

It might be said though that you overdid it a little on the starburst filter… Unless it’s something really bright descending, in which case the buildings should be awash in its glow…

I particularly like the colors and reflections in the buildings, 'specially that middle one (green w/yellow, white, orange).

I like it, but I’d do without the flare, and in the 2nd pix, w/out the text…

The buildings really barge in onto your eyes, you make a great a great impression on that picture.

It is a very powerful image - but I guess thatś what you were aiming for - My only crit is the sun - it possibly needs to be a bit softer



:smiley: thanks for all your comments.

i make the next part of my futuristic city.

the flare is this a simple object: the space taxi

version .8 pre final

pre versions .7 y .65

maybe change the perspective


Hey nobody commented on his new render!
I love it. Especially the reflection. Gives it a nice sleek feel to it.
But perhaps something in the background. Like your city from the first pic.
At the moment it could be anywhere. Underwater?

thats great your of to a flying start could we see a wire on this one

Great perspective and feeling, very immersive.

Frankly the execution could be better, but the idea is great.