Ultraman is back !

Hi everybody !

I just want to share a video I did at school ( NAD center ) in 2001 with a classmate when I start to do 3D. I pull it from dust yesterday and decide to put it on you tune for fun. Not my best work but I find it very funny. With this video in 2001 we win a price at school , did the frontpage of CGChannel website and be select by Kaydara(old motion capture compagny) to be a exemple file on is CD package and be on is screen at siggraph.

Done with Softimage 3.9 ( ancester of Autodesk XSI ). Everything is modeled in NURBS. Building is done by camera projection of real photos and use lightdome for lighting ( a incredible technic to fake GI in 2001 :wink: ). Animation is motion capture with Kaydara software (not existing anymore).

the old cgtalk thread I create in 2001: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=30&t=8858&page=1&pp=20

Comments are welcome :eyebrowlift:

Softimage 3.9, those were the days… But in 2001 it had already been replaced by XSI if I’m not mistaken. I remember they did a last update to 4.0 at the release of XSI also, but I don’t even remember if there actually were any news to speak of in 4.0… But I ran Softimage 1997 to 2000 and then I took a 3 year break from graphics. (got my 1st kid in dec. of '99)

Yes in 2001 we are the last group at NAD center school to work with Softimage 3.9 if I remember.
Teachers did some demonstration of XSI in class with version 1 or 1.5 … not sure.
I never working with 4.0 , just go to XSI one years later ( I’m working one years with 3.9 at a little studio and after that everybody goes XSI , never see Softimage again anywhere)

and Kaydara become MotionBuilder right?
I know something happen with kaydara around this year but I don’t remember what.

Waw, serious dancing skills there !

Yes, in the dancing you know a superhero!

Looks amazing man! It seems a real guy there doing like a robot. And the city is amazing too.

thanks a lot. For the dancing skill I can transmit your great comment to the motion capture guy :wink:
The only things animated manually is hands and belly.