UltraSphere (Last update:Style change)

I’m making a game called UltraSphere.

It’s a marble game based on the Marble Blast series.

What I have so far:

  • Basic controls (Steering via mouselook and wasd, jumping with space)
  • Working checkpoints
  • Timer

I have a demo for you guys with the progress so far (windows, GLSL):

I hope you like the game so far :slight_smile:

Update 31 /01 (01/31)

- Added some more platforms

  • Scripted 2 power-ups: Force and Jump
  • Made the UI a little nicer
  • Made new Checkpoints (the ones in the demo were just placeholders)

The power-ups:
Power-ups are collected by the player and can only be used once. Only one power-up can be held at one time, so if the player picks up another power-up, the current power-up is changed to the new one.
Force gives the player a little push in the direction they are pressing on the keyboard (may change it to the current direction tho’… Suggestions?)
Jump gives you a higher jump.
There are going to be more power-ups.


Update 05/02 (02/05)


  • Made bumpers that push you back in the direction you hit them (to the sides, or up when you hit it from above). Might change the model though. Do you guys like them?


I really like it!:D.

Hey that’s awesome! How did you make the marble’s movement so perfect? because I’ve tried to make a project similar but I used force logic bricks and it seemed a bit off, what did you do? keep up the good work :wink:

I believe he uses raycasting. I like the game, nice and simple. A few more levels and this is going to be great!

I use Python to do that. I have an empty that follows the ball which I rotate with my mouse. I get a vector from that empty for the direction in which I want to go, and one to the side. Then I just normalize it and multiply it with the force needed. That vector gets passed to the motion actuator as values for X, Y and Z. :slight_smile:

Added a new update to the first post! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! Been wondering how to do this for a while now! :slight_smile:

I remember playing a game like this once…It was very fun; hope yours will be an awesome product!

Hey hey I really like this HUD system you have, i’ve always been drawn to games that are very simple yet allowed the players to make their own fun with the game mechanics! cant wait to see more!!!

New update in the first post!

I’m currently working on a new game mechanic: the gravity manipulator!


In order for this to work I have to rewrite most of my code, but I think it’s going to be worth it!
What do you guys think?

Sounds hard to add, but I do agree it will be worth it (fun feature)

Looks cool, nicely done. :slight_smile:
About the gravity, maybe you could make it an illsuion to the eye so it looks like it’s vertical, but isn’t. But this will limit the camera. Keep up the good work!

Got the gravity manipulators to work :slight_smile: When you touch the pickups (the red things, these are just placeholders for now) you flip to that direction. The camera flips with the ball, so to the player it will look the same as if the ball was rolling over the normal floor.

Just got to make the checkpoints work with them now so you spawn with the correct gravity. Shouldn’t be a problem though :slight_smile: .

I found a problem with the textures when I was making the box above. Some of the maps are not showing correctly:

I checked the normals, and they are all pointing outwards, so that’s not the problem. Also, de sides are just one face.
Any ideas on how to fix it?

Changed the look of the game to a more simple scheme (inspired by Portal). Don’t know if I’m going to keep it this way. What do you guys think?

Want some help? I like the flow of the game,

check this out (not optimised etc)


TripBallzStrobeAlpha (2).blend (1.62 MB)

No, sorry. I want to use this project to get better at coding and texturing, so it’s more of a solo project. Thank you for the offer though! :slight_smile:

I eventually will be in desperate need of a good texture artist, let me know if you need anything, and when you can help me! :slight_smile:

Seems like every game with puzzle elements nowadays have to emulate the look and feel of Portal in one way or another, I could see the different texture sets comprising different ‘worlds’ that the marble travels through throughout the game.

Also to BluePrintRandom; it’s generally not good common sense to ask for help with your own projects in other people’s WIP threads, he can work on this project if he wants.

I was saying, I will help you, and eventually you might help me,

do you need anything ace? do you have a W.I.P?