um,...a head!

I had nearly forgotten about this head that I never got around to texturing,…maybe because his ears suck, but anyway, I just bought some slickified texture painting software, so I busted him out, cleaned up his UV map a bit, exported him into deep paint <edit> ( deep paint 3D i mean,…there is actually another program called deep paint that is just for painting, and doesn’t load models like deep paint 3D does ), and applied some paint and bump, and now he looks great!,…except for the ears,…there’s actually a bump for the beard stubble, but you can’t really see it at this resolution.

Looks great… sounds like a cool texturing program.

Is everything uv textured (e.g. hair)? If so, I can really see the power/quality of the texture program. I’d like to see a larger pic (maybe link?) to show off the texture a little better. :smiley:

yeah the hair is a texture too. it’s a powerful program, but it was expensive as hell. you can paint in the various maps for spec bump color etc simultaneously or seperately, use layers, masks, projection, cloning, bezier curves, and about a zillion different brushes for natural media, texture cloning, filters, etc., for starters. it has great tablet support and plugins for interfacing with various apps. btw, if anyone orders this program, shop around, because you can pay 600, or you can pay 1000, depending on who you buy it from. i ordered from turbo squid. I’ll make a larger render in a bit with a few more AO samples.

Nice lookin’ head?

You can pay 1000, you can pay 600, or you can pay 0.

Hooray for eMule.

Actually, I should add that if I wasn’t 15 and actually DID have 600-1000 dollars to spend on software I might use once or twice a month I would.

i don’t know what emule is, but there’s a free ( to use non commercially ) program called tattoo that’s not quite as feature packed as deep paint 3d, but it does do projection and a couple of other nifty things. it is a bit buggy though, and sometimes it won’t accept a model or an image file for no particular reason. i made some nifty stuff with it though.

very nice work Modron,how did you imported the file in deep paint 3d?

btw emule is a sharing app,and its not legal downloading deep paint3d from there.

thanks, i just exported the model as obj. dp3d reads obj, lwo, and 3ds

I love the style:) Could we get some higher res renders?

sure i just want to tweak him a bit first. i haven’t added the spec map yet, and i need to fix the position of the vertices on the eyelids so his eye fits better.

it’s looking good modron !

i like the style …

try to make a body now ?

VERY nice, in fact I’d say one of your best works ever Modron.

Keep going! :slight_smile: