um,...a texture!<<<UPDATED!

this will be one of the textures for my WC entry. to see how i made it, check the instructions I just left in ‘other software’.

Sweet! That may be just what I need for my WC. Would you mind if I used it?

Ah, I prolly won’t.

I don’t mind if you use it, but I haven’t bothered to tile it yet, so you may have to wrestle with it a bit first. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a couple more image pipes and came up with this

:o How do you people make such awsome textures. I might have to use that in the future :smiley:

Modron… yer nuts… yeah nuts… I just have no idea how to do something like that… read your thread and still don’t know… maybe I’ll just make you make us some hehe brilliant! :wink:

to put it more simply, you make a multi layered image in GIMP, save as .GIH, and put it in your ‘brushes’ folder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, Modron, you never cease to amaze me… Great stuff.

WTF! How do you actualy go about making that?

Psst, mr_bomb. Over here:wink: