Um I need some help.

Hey guys you have probably seen me post before and usually its some noobish idea of some grand scheme of something practically impossible for my level. Anyway this time I come in peace I have a somewhat rough model of my basic picture. I want to make a pic of an almost magical medieval generator. Anyway here is the rough .blend.
I was wondering how I could get the halo in the middle more realistic and have almost a spiral.

Hey sorry it took a while to get .blend anyway soo yeah.

Trying to keep this post near the front so I get a reply.

Not sure if this is what you wanted, I just modeled a helix then made the halo’s smaller here is the blend, (and I added a smooth circle thing off to the side)



Hey yeah it is close to that but I want the spiral to get bigger in the middle and be sorounding a icosphere or Uv prefreably whatever. Anyway I have decided to try and work on the landscape and the detail of the building and then work on the center.

Hey thanks for the help I wasn’t able to do anything for a while because of my computer and school so sorry bout that and I am starting to work on it again.