Um i think it is some sort of a lamp.

I am still very new to blender and or 3d art at that so take it easy on me. I accept c&c’s. I made it while showing my bro how to texture and this is what i got lol.

Ok so i added a spot light where you said, changed the floor tiles and added an extra lamp to show some light on the stand. Think it looks better?

Lol ok i really love to hear peoples opinions and i take it to heart. I love the new look. I am thankfull for the tips for with them i learn. I hope you enjoy this one. If there could be something else changed let me know.

Welcome aboard UltraX
Very nice looking whatever it is
did u bevel the edges of that cube/base, cause it kinda looks like you did?
maybe consider adding a spotlight shining down from the ball thingy

I dont mean to sound dumb but what is bevel as i said i am still in the process of learning so i am very new to this and kinda know what i am doing but not knowing what it is called what i am doing. So please explain. Thanks.

That is an awsome picture. way to go.

Beveling is the (er how to put it, beveling) smoothing of sharp edges
In the new image its much more obvious that it isn’t beveled (look at that sharp cube)
In the render buttons you should turn on OSA (smooths out those jagged edges) :smiley:
Also turn on the shadow button, so the spot casts shadows :smiley:
personally I liked the ground texture of the first one better and also think you should turn on shadow only for the spot light (But this is all my opinion, so just experiment and have fun)
%| :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I tried out what you said and it looks better thanks man.

I like it, it looks cool. It has a great atmosphere to it.

One suggestion: turn on NOR for the walls, give those bricks some bumpmap!

Coolio. Yep, ‘nor’ on walls. The one on the far right in materials, and crank the little slider that says ‘nor’ by it. Don’t worry about the nor button in the middle, use the one on the right. Looks good. I just thought of another suggestion, too,…use the vertex paint tool (or the texture paint tool) to soften up that sharp edge in the corner maybe.

Hey hey more post. I like this. Thank you again for the tips i really enjoy hearing them. Also i just realized i dont know how to use vertex paint mode so besides that i did the rest oh what was said and added some more extras hope you enjoy.

I agree, great atmosphere and a great picture. How did you make that sphere with all the lighs?

Since I’m also new to Blender, I’d also like to hear more about the vertex paint tool. All I could find about it in the documentation were some hotkeys and this page, but I don’t know if that is what you mean.

Just select your object, press the button that looks like a paintbrush on the top middle row of buttons, go down one row, and press the other button that looks like a paintbrush. Then adjust the sliders to your liking, and ‘spray paint’ your object using the mouse. Be sure it has lots of vertices. you may have to subdivide it a couple of times for it to work properly. Then go to the materials buttons, and in the material for that object, press the ‘col paint’ button. It is in the upper left quadrant of the materials buttons.

I like that little particle effect around the sphere, just make it more glowing, and it’s great. :smiley:

[quote=“soulsaver”]I agree, great atmosphere and a great picture. How did you make that sphere with all the lighs?

Umm ok make a uvsphere, then add new material to the sphere and click halo in the set of buttons. then set halo size to 0.2 and that should do it. try and tell me if it worked