Um... setting an alpha texture channel er sumthing :)

As in all my posts is very muddled sry :frowning: just try to weed trough it if you can thx :slight_smile:

I am very confused on how to make part of a texture transparent and anther part fully visible ie. (making a branch for a tree that is only 2 poly or so, and bitmapping it with a brach with leafs bitmap) then having the branch and he leafs fully visible but the other part of the bitmap surrounding it completly transparent. hmm…
I guess i sould put onother exaple in cuz even i am cofused by that last one, howabowt this: i am sure that we have all played ether a playstation or an N64, and in such games as winback and super mario 64 or medal of honor, in all of these we see fences where anly one poly was used where on a bitmap of a fence (that part was fully visible (the wire or wood as he case may be) and the other part (the part you wanted to see through was fully transparent).
Ah yes i liked that exaple much better :slight_smile:

Well if you can help me i would be sooooo gratefull (this one has ben buggin me fer sum time now).

Thx to anyone who could get through this post %| and HUGE thx to anyone who can help me :slight_smile:


take a look here, maybe this tut will hell you:


the link may answer your question, i haven’t actually looked at it. In case it doesn’t, i’ll write a short explanation.

You can apply your texture to your object (ie, a plane) and click the alpha button (material menu, right side) This will make any part of the texture that has black or white (depends if the alpha button is white or yellow, im not sure which is which) transparent. So an image of a leaf with a full black or white background, with these settings, will render as only the leaf. I think you need to change the texture type to add, instead of mix. I hope you understand.

Here’s one way :

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thank you guys sooo much that was just what i needed :slight_smile: now i can go and make my good looking low poly trees.

I cant thank you guys nuff :slight_smile: THANKS :slight_smile: