Um, What does Sculpt Mode Do?

OK, well, I know you can push and pull things and inflate and whatever, I’m just not sure exactly WHAT the purpose of sculpting is.

Not a criticism, I’m just wondering what it does; like, is it another technique for adding detail or something?

That seems to be what it is.

Thanks, and please excuse my ignorance, I have no experience with Zbrush.:confused:

is it another technique for adding detail or something?
Yes exactly .

Some people like adding detail this way . I think you can even create custom brushes to add texture directly to the mesh … I haven’t tried it myself in the RC versions of Blender yet but I have tried SharpConsruct by the guy who added it to Blender . It lets you play with the mesh as a kind of “digital clay” . Kind of tedious to work that way for my taste but lots of people seem to like it (hence the popularity of Zbrush). Also you need higher end systems to get the higher resolutions for the detail as well …

RobertT wrote a tutorial on this forum here .

I tried an older version and personally, it did not suit me, but it does give some cool results

Ah, I thought so, I was just wondering if there was a little more to it, if you know what I mean.


I’ve seen that tutorial already, awesome stuff.

Another point to mention, you can sculpt a shape then use the retopo tool to create a lower poly mesh with good topology.

The blender wiki is your friend :

Lots of stuff to see there …

Peace :spin: .

Oh, and start with a mesh that has a lot of vertices. Scluptin the basic cube will not do much. Subdivide it four times, set your brush to be small, and you will have a lot of fun.

LOL, I figured that out pretty quick! :smiley:

The most you can do with a cube is use the grab brush.

I made some random thing out of a sphere recently, maybe I’ll post it some time…