Originality has deserted me for a while, so again I decided to just do something. The pic of uma Thurman in Emma Peel’s outfit from the movie The Avengers (I think) seemed pretty good target, so That’s what I did.-

So there. I think the outfit came out pretty well, at least I llike it.

Fully made in Photoshop, using my Aiptek tablet.

w00t not bad

The suit looks pretty damn well. But the face is kinda weird - especially the eyes. They’re too big.

Otherwise, well done. I sure couldn’t do that.

the problem twith the eyes is that she is looking in the wrong direction :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually made her eyes bigger on purpose, so it was something you would call a creative decision. I just wanted to add a more toonish element on her face.

It might just be me, but I find the head a bit small for the rest of the body.

That’s her propotions. They are accurate as the basic shape of her body was sketched on a layer on the orignal photo.

I don’t know then…it still seems to me that there’s something not quite right with the head, probably the shape… Again, it might just be me, so feel free to ignore the comment :stuck_out_tongue:

The rest of the body and the shading are well done.

It’s probably the eyes that do it, as I said I drew them a bit bigger than they are in reality.