my last game failed, miserably.

i definatley need more experience with the GE so i am at it again but with somthing easier, and simpler.
i want like an icy outpost as the first place, and i have referance pics for want i want to acheive.

i want somewhere like the place called Yak’s Bend from one of my all time favriout games, guildwars.
if nobody here knows what i am talking about, i have some pics.
basicly i need you guys help, i need help with the fire and paths, and other things.

here are the pics of my insiration:

i do have somthing already, but it isnt worth posting right now.

I also play guild wars (its fun!) and yaks bend is cool. but you should show us what you have, so we can critique it, then once you have something started I’m sure people wouldn’t mind helping, i wouldn’t helping atleast

yea, guildwars is fun! and yaks bend is cool. glad somebody here is a fellow player.

anyway, here is what ui have so far, i really need to get some paths in there, but i dont know how to make them “blend” with the icey texture.

as you can see, i just cant get it right!


hmm, why has it been moved to support?

this is an actual game in progress. (i just need some help though)
eh, oh well.

some updates.


I have only ever used flash for making games… did all you start by messing around with morphing and textures?

do you name objects like you would in flash?

I really want to know how I should start using blender and how complex it is before I start…

Don’t worry, its not that bad. Just google tutorials and stuff. I started off with maya, with aspirations for a game, so i just took these tutorials (which were really nice, cuz they were professionally done) and learned some modeling. Then i couldn’t export my stuff into a game engine, cuz it costs money, so i switched to blender. Just practice 3d modeling, then you can get mixed up in Game Blender. Just my advice though

Blah, that looks really cool! Unfortunately, I’m not sure i can help with the paths. Maybe try using little step stones, or something? I dont know!!!

To make paths make a path texture and UVmap it onto the terrain mesh.

Or you can retopo a path mesh on top of it and UVmap an alpha masked path texture on that mesh.

Or if color is the only issue, you can try vertex painting.

no, i want to UV map it to the terrain, but that dosent look real, i want a path texture that “blends” with the icey texture.

and fire is still an issue.

updates! :yes:


good news everybody! got the particle snow working!

looks a lot better now!

oh…and could somebdy please move this thread back to the game WIPs?

it dosent belong in support.

ok, got some large hills (or small mountains ;)) in there now.

i have collision problems: there are none!

Hey dude, I tried to post earlier but my internet was doing weird things. This is EXACTLY the game that I am trying to create. Guild Wars is awesome, and I am trying to make a game similar to an extent. We need more people to help us, and you have special technique.

PS. Long live GuildWars!

hey thanks, and maybe we could team up, that would be so cool!

EDIT: forgot the new pics.


the whole sceen is no less than 2000 verts. and i have worked out working snowfall, which is kinda cool.


Well, when you’ll have “something that worth it”, please, post it in the WIP forum!

ok, WIP progress here i come!

it will be called Icey outpost (guildwars style game)!

I’d love to join games. I’m working on learning CrystalSpace, it seems a bit “different” than blender.