Umm...minor question

How do you get the camera to move with the mouse. I’m making a FPS and I want the controls to be W-S-A-D and the mouse, put I can’t get the camera to move when the mouse moves. If this has to be done in python, can someone send me the script so I dont’ have to make one from scratch, or at least give me guidence?
This show one way to hook the mouse to the camera. Use the r, m, and l mouse buttons to control if its going left right or backwards. The setup in the picture only goes back right and up, but the purpose was illustration.

thanks, but I was using the mouse buttons already for shoot, inventory, and secondary shot (r,m,l repsectively) I was thinking more of a freeform camera like in Max Paye, Oni, Jedi Kight II…The kind where you just move the mouse. Play a demo for one of these games and you’ll know what I mean. Thanks anyways, I can use this in one of my other games.


Here is a script that show how to use python to run the mouse in blender. this may be of some use.

Thanks, but its not what I’m looking for.

Some assembly require.

Thanks, I got it working once I brushed up on python.