Umm... no Delete key?

Can anyone tell me why blender on a mac won’t delete selected items when I hit the delete key? I’m sure there is a simple stupid reason why… but this feels like a major oversight for a product that has been shipping multiple versions for this platform.

I’m using a notebook so my keyboard keys are limited.

I can’t talk intelligently about why the delete key on your Mac won’t work for you…

but you should be using X to delete stuff anyway…

Hope this helps.

The basic problem is Backspace is labeled as Delete so I have no delete. I’ve used several PC notebooks in the past and they all have a delete key somewhere on them. However, the keyboard layout from the powerbook series up to present day has no delete key.

I guess I’m just a little socked that it didn’t work.

on a powerbook you have to press “fn+delete”

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Yup that works… now I only wish there was a button in the UI to do this switch for me in blender =(

oh well…

Supposedly you’ll be able to do that sometime in 2008 (say, blender 2.50).