ummm weird discolorization

Just a quickie…I added a Cylinder, then subdivided it a couple of times, then put set smooth on it. It is the standard grey material, but when i look in the render screen it has weird grey shadow lines on some of the faces…any suggs?

Hit the auto smooth button as well. What’s happening is that Blender is trying to smooth ALL the edges, including the 90 angles on the ends of the cylinder that are supposed to be sharp. Auto smooth tells Blender not to smooth angles over a certain number of degrees, so the 90 degree angles stay sharp.

In F9 click AutoSmooth, you’ll only see the results in the render though. If that’s not it Ctrl-N with all verts selected in Edit mode. Still no luck post a pic.


Fantastic guys!, thank you sooo much. worked a charm! :smiley: