UMMMM playaback in window wellll slow ??

hi all can someone help me with what i presume is an easy answer but I havent been able to find a way of doing it ??

When ive done some animation in blender and i want to do a preview in the window it runs really really slowly ?? but when renders runs at the right speed ??

What i need to know is can ya change the speed animation is played when doing (ALT + A)

well confused ??

There are several things you can do to speed up the rate at which animation plays in the 3d-view. Firstly, you need to turn subsurfs off for display on all meshes that have it turned on. Secondly, hide all layers that have stuff that is not actually part of your animation (i.e. static props, sets).

Although you will never really get playback at the real fps rate in your 3d view when you have armatures deforming ‘heavy’ meshes, simple object transforms should be nearly real-time.


Aye have done all the above the model im using is the Animation Mentor model that is from Lasphere but rerigged over than that and a camera and light there’s nothing else in the scene ???

its weird as its running back at about 2fps ???

well strange

I think you should check the frame rate set in the Render Pane, near where you set RGB / RGBA and so on. I believe blender will attempt to play realtime animations at whatever rate you set there.

Have you considered the speed of your computer and graphics card? The more vertices, the more computing power needed to animate at “real-time” fps.

If there’s a considerable amount of keys and the nla/timeline/action editer, my computer starts to lag. Maybe you should try closing those windows (if they’re open)