Been experimenting with cycles to get a style similar to what i was achieving in the internal render.
Still a problem with the shadows not being deep enough, but i am getting there…


Another great image from you! :smiley:
love that metal.

Great stuff Poke, one thing that concerns me about cycles is getting the “RAMP” effect we use to get in the internal render. For us illustrators and cartoon artist I think it’s vital.

On the candies you seem to have achieved the ramp effect, how did you do it?

Very cool, love your work. Didn’t know you’re using Blender. I’ve recently transferred from 3ds Max to Blender, and I love it.

Thanks guys

Yes colour ramps are a bit tricky in cycles, I used Fresnel as a vector input for a ramp and applied it as a diffuse colour.

Would be great to see a better ui for the nodes and cycles materials in general and the moment its all deeply confusing…

I agree. More visual feedback would be nice, also for the procedural texture nodes.

I usually use a combination of a Color Ramp node and Gradient Texture node to create color transitions.

thanks seven, didn’t think of that way of doing it…:slight_smile:

Good work!
It’s nice to see these kinds of renderings coming out of Cycles. :slight_smile:
The scenes look pretty interesting when it’s a mix of cartoon style and ray tracing.

Oh so there is a Color Ramp Node, good to know.

Can I see an example of how you would go about setting it up?

Sure, here you go:

P.S.: The Z rotation in the mapping node is not applicable in this scenario, but I quickly copied this from a world / environment node setup to show you the nodes.

Cheers thank you Seven!