Un-creasing an edge-is that possible?

I’m modeling a pencil and started with a six sided prism. I creased the vertical (longest) edges on the pencil so I could subsurf it and still have that definition (I think that’s the right thing to do). Then I extruded the metal part and eraser from the top of that.

Now I want to make those two parts (metal and eraser) round and not hexagonal and I’m having problems. I’m thinking that they inherited the creased-ness of the shape I extruded them from. Can I uncrease them? or am I just way off?

Anything is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

yes you can uncrease them
select you edges - and press shift E
and move the cursor so it says -1 (or you can press n and use numerical input)

some other ways of doing this would be to use a subsurf modifier and an edge spit modifier
then mark the seams you want to be sharp with ctrl E
(or play around with the smooth angle, but it might be hard with a pencil)