Un-fix armature roots

I’m trying to animate a character with an object which is sometimes in one hand, sometimes in the other, and sometimes in neither. I gave the object a bone, and made the hands track it with IK, which works fine. The problem is that sometimes I would much rather have the object’s bone track to a hand than vice versa, but I can’t figure out how to make this happen. I gave the object’s bone an IK constraint to track to the hand, but it won’t move – it only rotates. Is there any way to free this bone so that its head will move as necessary to satisfy the constraint?


I would use a child-of constraint.

This allows an object or bone to behave as if it’s parented to an object or bone. More importantly you can keyframe the effect of the constrant, so that sometimes it’s active, and sometimes it’s not. Remeber to click the “Set Inverse” button when you add the constraint.