Un-linked Viewports?

Hi there,
Is it possible to have two viewports open and make it so one stays in Object mode, and the other Edit?
It would be a nice feature to have. That way one can model and see his final result better with the other viewport.
Maybe an option to link or unlink viewports. I remember Houdini having something like this, and it was great.
Is it possible in Blender’s current state?

Your suggested feature would be useful, but seems relatively complex to design and implement. For example… if one viewport is in Edit Mode and one is in Object Mode, what should happen when you Mouseover between the different windows?

Rather than different Modes, though, more viewport-specific shading options would provide the same benefits. You can currently use different combinations of texture/solid/wire/bounding/Cycles in different viewport, it just fails to be useful in a lot of cases.
Now… if there simply was a “forced solid” option, you’d get the standard Object Mode shading regardless of Mode. With the usual per-Object options, like wireframe override/overlay.

“For example… if one viewport is in Edit Mode and one is in Object Mode, what should happen when you Mouseover between the different windows?”
My question back is… what would it matter?
If you scale in object mode… then you’d see it scale in edit mode. If you apply a modifier… you’d see it in object mode, but not necessarily in Edit. I guess only if you have “Use modifier while in edit mode” button toggled on then, you’d see it the same way you would now.

I’m not totaly sure if your second paragraph would help… maybe though… I don’t know, but this is my situation… and the reason I wrote this post:
I’m modelling half of something and using the mirror modifier. My model is fairly detailed and I’m finding that I have to constantly pop in and out of object/edit mode to see what my thing really looks like. I know I can toggle on the “Apply modifier to editing cage during edit mode”, but when you have a fairly detailed model… it is still cumbersome to see what your model looks like “clean”. Thats why I’m constantly popping in and out.
Thats all.

There is a work-around (sort of):

  1. duplicate viewport or create a new view (I use a second screen for this viewport myself)
  2. in the new view, select the object you wish to work on, and enter isolation mode (View–>view Global/Local or hit numpad / )
  3. set the new view to solid mode, and turn off the edges. Make sure “textured solid” is turned off.
  4. In the other view, the “scene view”, switch to textured or material (Cycles) viewport shading. Now turn on GLSL shading in the display properties.
  5. Turn on “only render” for the “scene view”.

Now, when you switch to edit mode in the “object view”, the edges and such are still visible, while in the “scene view” all edges are invisible. It will still display selected faces, edges and vertices, though. But it gives an improved view of your object sans edges.

This could be perfect IF ONLY we could turn off the overlays for each viewport separately. Why can we turn on “only render” for one viewport only, while the other display properties will not allow us to do the same? It seems very arbitrary. It should be simple for the devs to allow different display settings to be set for each viewport.

Working with your scene in “only render” mode will speed up the viewport quite a bit, btw. And allows you to preview your object while editing with textures applied! (not mentioning the custom lighting setup that is no possible)

Hope this is helpful. Perhaps someone can suggest this change to the devs?

btw, you mentioned the use of the mirror modifier? For the scene view rotate the viewport to the opposite side you are working on for a preview without the selected edges/points/polys visible.

The solution just hit me: use a second mirror modifier, change to another mirror axis, and move the original object away from this second copy in the view: perfect preview without any edges in the scene view! (for this to work you must turn off orbiting around the selected object in the preferences).