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I know that I am a new user , thus it feels very unsafe to take a job offered by me. Well, actually your right, but you can see me as and serious user at the 3D Gamestudio forums. Also, I am not directly searching, because I am just the programmer, but if you can show a good portfolio or some good models, I am sure you will get chosen.

So, who are we. We are Thomas Koessler and me, Marian Frische. Thomas Koessler is the founder of IceValk Entertainment, which already has published two commercial games. One was even in the big German games magazine “Computer Bild Spiele” as a demo.

The game I am talking about is called “Mirrors” and it is a first person, 3D point and click adventure. It is writting in lite-C, the programming language of the Acknex Engine (also: 3D Gamestudio). Basically, you run around in a giant building(a mansion) and try to solve puzzles to unlock its secret.
It is a basic point and click adventure, mixed with a lot of reading and some horror elements. There is no fighting (but there are a horror dreams, where the player dies in) and we tried to create a sense of isolation, thus there are no dialogue scenes.

The game is, well, its as good as complete. Everything works more or less well, levels, code, music, everything is in place and all in all it’s a completed game. The only thing missing are the graphics, and this is where you come into play.

What we want you to do:
2D Artists:
2D artists create sprites and panels in transparent PNG format. You will create the panel graphics and in-game sprites for the entire game. This includes particles for flames and dust.

3D Artists:
3D artists create models with skins for the game. Models would range from basic environments like chairs and book-shelfs to more complex humanoid creatures. Animation would be preferred but is not needed. All models should be low poly, yet as detailed as possible, since we want to provide an experience even people with low end systems can enjoy(At the moment we are deciding, if we want to provide two LOD stages, to make a good game experience for high and middle end systems also). We will provide you with various textures that would aid you in creating the skins in an appropriate style. The file format should be convertable to mdl, so we can take fbx. Also, we found out that there is an blender-to-mdl exporter(a python script). You can get more information about that, if you contact me.

This is the critical point. Thomas Koessler has no money at the moment, so cannot pay at the moment, but if we find a publisher and the game sells, you would get payed. But till that, we can provide different things to you. That includes plot, sound effects, some music (to a degree), basic level design (layout, design) and of course credits. (Thomas Koessler is a very good music artist and level designer)

We worked hard and long on this project, so we do not want complete newbies, sorry about that, but we really want to finish this game (with success).

If you want to help us, we will send you a demo and provide all needed information.

Here are some pictures of the two released games:
The Adventures of Ambages
Monster Mega Mayhem (It is a bit old, so the quality isn’t so good)

We won’t release pictures of the actual game, until it has some good models.

We hope to hear from you - because we really need help.

Best regards,
Marian Frische

PS: The new game has no toon style.

Just a friendly bump :slight_smile:

I’m kind of interested… Though not completely sure yet. I can do both, 2D and 3D, i had most experience in graphics for games.
What work rate is ok for you? I don’t want to work so hard, that i would have sleepless nights, and ofcource not getting paid for it…
So, in order to get the demo of the game, i should give you some examples of my work, right?

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

You can contact me at: msn: rei_ayanami2015 (at) life.de
ICQ : 597163495
or via PM (not preferred).

Example would be very good, so that I can show them to Thomas. There is no need for sleepless nights or such things - you don’t need to stress yourself. That is usually the best thing for getting good results.

You sure you wrote you email correctly?
Somehow my mail didn’t send.

This is my MSN contact address : rei_ayanami2015(at)live.de (change “(at)” to @) - I just tried, and let a friend write me a mail,worked - but you can also add me at WindowsLiveMessagner with that address)

Ha, you wrote “Life.de” not “Live.de” in your previous post.
I emailed you.

Welcome on Board!

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Just another friendly bump.

I have talked to FreeMind to show me a model. Well I am still waiting, but he said that we should still search for more people.

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Marian Frische


sorry for triple post.