Hi Everybody,
I know when you select faces and hit subdivide it subdivides them into equal parts but is there a way to select faces and merge them back into one (or just put them back together as if you presed ctrl-z after subdividing)?

There is no simple way, alas, but with reason.

When you subdivide, what happens is that more vertices are introduced. In order to prevent the possibility of rays of light ‘leaking’ between supposedly closed surfaces, adjacent faces are adjusted to share edges and vertices.

The easiest way would be to select the edge you don’t want, press X --> Delete Edges, then select the new edges of the face and press F to make a face. If you get the popup asking if you really want to make an FGon you can choose yes, but that’s generally a bad idea in Blender (an FGon is kind of a fake NGon, if you know what that means…).

Hope this helps.

Speaking theoretically, removing all edge loops created with the subdivision would revert the mesh to its previous state. Althoug really, doing this would be very difficult if it contained triangles and vertices not radiating exactly four edges.

You don’t have to delete and then create new faces.

2.37: select edge loop (alt +B) and then use this script: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=36714

2.4: alt + RMB, ctrl + E, “EdgeLoop Delete” (in alpha 1 but not in alpha 2!) or use the script.

When selecting more than one edgeloop, make sure they don’t share any vertices.

but not in alpha 2!

Moved to the Delete (X) menu where it probably belongs.


Ok, thanks for all the help. :smiley: I think i’ll take Duoas’ suggestion as it seems the easiest (or at least simplest) but thanks.

Ugh, thanks… :-?