Unable To Add Group Node In Blender 2.67a

Hi Everybody!

I am trying to begin the texturing process on my interior scene and am attempting to add a group node to my node tree but the drop-down list is completely blank for the “group” list.

I have set all the names for the vertex groups and the object (both the same) and I have created a new material. I then go in to node editor, Shift + A to get the add drop down, navigate to “Group” and… nothing! Just a tiny blank black box that extends. No options at all for either creating a new group or adding a group already created.

I have tried it on two separate systems and on three different projects and all the same results. I am in cycles rendering mode also.

Can anyone please help?! Is there a bug with 2.67a? Really frustrating to not be able to get this right!

Thanks in advance!

You need to have already created a node group before it will show up in the list. Look in the node window menu to create groups

These are not vertex or object groups, they are node groups

To create a group of nodes mark the nodes you want and press Ctrl+G or navigate in the node menu and chose Make Group