Unable to add objects

Well, the subject says it all. I can’t add any more objects in Blender, tried both 2.37a and 2.40. If I try Blender sometimes crashes, though most of the time nothing happens. I only have nine objects, that also counts lights and camera. This is only on a specific model, on all other models I am still able to add objects.
The funny things is, that I can still duplicate objects that already exist.

Another thing, the counter seem a bit screwed. According to it I’m up in 45988 vertice and 55548 faces. When counting vertice on all the parts I get 3439, not 45988. I’ve tried selecting everything (object mode), deselecting everything I want to keep and then deleting everything else, but there isn’t anything else to delete.

All of this puzzles me. I’ve spent quite some time on the model, so I wouldn’t want to start over.

I appreciate answers from users who read the whole post.

sound like you might have a lot of junk in the file.

You could try saving and reopening the file to get rid of unnessecary bits that are still present somewhere but not available anymore.

I’d personally start a new file and append my model to that one… that’s a lot cleaner.

I’ve re-opened it quite a few times. But I’ll try to append the model in a new file.

save it before reopening… that cleans out all the unused bits… you may have to do save & reload a few times to get rid of everything that’s unused.

BTW: you can always look at the oops schematic to see what is exactly in your file (you can search for that one if you don’t know what it is)

Saved it many times before, still same problem. But, I’ve appended the model to another file and now I am able to add objects again. Thanks!

But the counter still seem screwed. In object mode the count shows wicked numbers, but in edit mode it shows the correct values (I assume). Ah well, it doesn’t prevent me from working on the model.

So, once again, thank you. Now I can resume my work.