unable to change email in profile

I tpyed in the stuff with * and it wont change my email! I done it a billoin of times!

You can’t change your e-mail adress yourself. Either post it here and ask an admin to change it, or e-mail one of us with it.


can you please change it too:

[email protected]

btw why can’t you?

We require accounts to have working e-mail addresses (hence the confirmation e-mail when registering). If users could edit their e-mail, some people could be tempted to change it to the a bogus e-mail addy.


Do you guys plan to add a forum for Yafray related questions ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask in Blender Gen or the Other Software forum.

can you please change my email to [email protected]

At LinuxQuestions you can change your email yourself, then your account is temporarily hung until you click the reactivation link it sends you in an email to the new address. Maybe you could set up a system like that.