Unable to change number of hair segments


I’m experimenting with hair. E.g. I’m adding a cube, add a particle system. Change it to type “hair”. Then I change the number of segments from 5 to something else. But in particle mode, or if I modify the shape of the hair strands by a simulation I can see that the number of segments always remains the same: 5 control points (4 segments). I’m using windows 64 Bit version of Blender 2.65. Is this a bug or do I miss something here?


I found my mistake: The solution was to increase the number of “path steps” in particle mode. Then the hair strands could be modified in more detail (according to the number of segments). Nevertheless, in other modes in 3D View (object mode, etc.) strands are always shown with four segments, which could be a bit confusing. Is there an option to change that?