Unable to convert a path to mesh


I want creating a curved surface by drawing a nurbs path and convert it to a mesh then extrude it to get the desired shape.

The problem is, when I hit ALT C and convert to Mesh nothing happens (except that the panel to the left now has a new option called Convert to with target set to “Mesh from curve”, no OK button or anything to apply). The bottom of my viewport still says NurbsPath. I went ahead despite this and tried extruding it in Edit Mode, but when I drag it to either axis, the curve (supposed to be mesh) is moved instead of extruded.

I am just following some pointers I found online, has this flow changed in Blender 2.77?


When hitting Alt-C you should see this happening in the outliner:

Left = before Alt-C / Right = after Alt-C

This operation will not change the name of the object, though, so it is still named NurbsPath afterwards.

Other than that: Please ALWAYS supply an example .blend file with any support question.
There are so many settings in Blender, that we can’t possibly know what is going on (or wrong) in your file by guesswork.