Unable to do anything on my project :/

title^. Opening this blend file takes several minutes and was doing fine just yesterday morning. After it finally opens, moving from object to edit mode takes a good 2+ minutes, and using modifiers would take even longer. I try to render an image at 128 samples (tried both cycles and eevee) but it takes at least 15 minutes to start doing anything and then cancels itself saying I don’t have enough ram. My project has 2.5 million faces. My specs are i7-9700k cpu, RTX 2060 super, and 16gb ram. I spent the last 10 hours trying to fix this but nothing has worked, please help.

Without seeing the scene, or at least a detailed description with images, there’s little anybody can do to help you.
I would assume you’ve got far more geometry than you think though.

In the past I’ve had projects that became sluggish for discernibly no reason.

One thing you can try is to create a new project and append all the models and stuff from the old project file.

This is my scene. I am using an ocean modifier, and also a bunch of nodes to make that sky. I would be willing to share the blend file if you think you could fix it.

So I see you’re in viewport render in the screenshot. I’m assuming the performance issues reported are present in normal solid mode?

One thing you could do is open a new file, and append everything from this scene to a new one, and see if the issues persist.

I’d also look at modifiers and such. make sure you don’t have any subdivs that are to high etc…

Looks like you’re in the “Render” view.

Yes, things take a while in that view.

Switch to “Solid” while you’re working, and “Render” to see what you got.

This helped me figure it out. I had my ocean render resolution at 64 and I think that’s a bit too much. I had it at that because my ocean looked really ugly without it, but I guess I will have to work around that. Thank you!

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