Unable to download blender

I’m sorry if this is not the right place to contact but I couldn’t find anyone to email on the Blender website. Every time I try and download Blender for Mac OS x10.3 (or 10.2 for that matter) I download something but it doesn’t have the .dmg on the end. As a result all it does is sit on my desktop and do nothing unless I click on it then it ask my which program I would like to run it in. I just got 10.3 panther and I have had blender before I just couldn’t run it because I didn’t have an up to date enough operating system. Any help would be appreciated or If someone could point me to someone who does handle these things I would appreaciate it.

Can’t you just add the .dmg extension yourself?
In any case, the file on the servers have the dmg extension, so something must be cutting it on your side.