Unable to enter edit mode after clearing the field?

Hey I finally imported the object I want to edit in blender, a vertex model(where it’s just the dots) from another forum I found. However after deleating the camera, sun and box, then importing the object file I want to edit, the program refuses to let me enter edit mode at all. In fact the only thing in the list for mode is Object Mode. period.

I’ve seen other people do it, why isn’t mine working that way -_-;;

You need to first select a object, then you can go into edit mode.

Okay I can select and edit the whole thing now, but I only want to edit parts of it. And when I select with the border select, it selects the entire object instead of what I want to edit. which is the only vertexes within the border.

Why is it a problem for the whole object to be edit mode? You can hide vertices by selecting them and pressing H. You cannot just put part of an object in edit mode.

What I’m trying to do is edit the scale of only part of the object, not the entire thing, I’ve seen it done on several models before. So it is possible…
EDIT: I am doing this in object mode by the way. once I select the object it still doesn’t show the edit mode on the selection bar.

I go to select, and border select what I want to edit, but it just picks up the entire thing…