Unable to establish an account to submit a bug report.

This isn’t exactly a developer question. I have a blender bug to
report. Yesterday I went through all of the steps to set up an account on
developer.blender.org so that I could file the report. The last step said to
press a button and it would send me an email that I must confirm to complete
my account registration, but I never got an email. The email address that it
claims it is using is my correct email address. I pressed the send email
button several more times without success. The email did not get diverted to
my spam folder, it just was not received. Today I tried to log in and got the
message “username/password incorrect”. Both are correct, I saved them in my
password file and reused them today. I then tried to register a new account
using the same info, and got a message saying that the username and email
address are duplicated. So which is it; do I have an account or not? If I do,
what do I do to activate it? If not; how do I establish one? Any help would be
greatly appreciated. Obviously the email address is correct, since I used it to establish this account.