Unable to export animation

I was unable to export the animation of the rigged objects into fbx format neither in gltf format.
Does anyone know why is that happening??

Insufficient data. :robot:

what is insufficient? simply while we export our file into fbx, obj or any other file format in that I am not able to export the animation along with the object or model.

Blender isn’t writing any files, does report errors, file is writen but on import in blender/ other software something is wrong/missing… anything… And what are you showing us now? Some folders and the fbx export dialog… And what does the community can read from this info? :man_shrugging:

:woman_facepalming: I was showing you my setting if there is something I missed out and because of that animation is not exporting. And secondly, if blender was simply showed me an error or any message then I would have simply shown you that error only. Blender is not showing me any kind of message error or something like a missing file, that’s why I am here to ask the question, if someone knows or happens with them also then they can help me.
I think this has not happened to you maybe that’s why you are unable to understand my issue.

But thanks for your response.

I fully understand that you have a problem and you finally did share a little more info in the previous post…
But still not very much to work with: no info about if any file is written; what is in the fbx or gltf folder?? I dare to ask (screenshot): and you have selected any object? Nothing selected but exporting only selected in fbx and gltf produces a file for me. Because there is no (backtrace) error displayed this is in fact a bit strange.

If you import your fbx after the export in a new file, did you see no animation data?

exactly not able to see animation data

in screenshot don’t look at the folders, that i created to send someone…that is nothing to relate about my issue…there are some flying pigeons, eagles and butterflies which i wanted to export, and on the right side are the setting which i choose while exporting that i am showing you…but unable to see the animation if i try to import back that fbx or gltf file.

please, if you want some help then tell us what you can see. you literally posted:

fault isolation: can you export and import fbx/gltf in general, is you addon defunct, can you see anything ? not animated objects , objects but no data, something in the outliner…

I can easily import and export even I can import some 3rd party animated stuff also. But while I export animated object/model there is no animation only model.

Is the object directly animated? Or perhaps with inheritance, then you have to select the parent too.

directly animated

If you create an new file and just animate the default cube, did it export for that?
If no, then maybe reinstall your blender and test again.
Otherwise it may be a bug that occurs under some cases. You can upload your file so we can test it too.
Or you can make a report https://developer.blender.org

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Normal animation is exporting and working even rigged one. I think the file I was working on that got some error can’t able to figure out that.
Anyways thanks for your help mean a lot :hugs: