Unable to fill object, to then extrude and then apply boolean technique :(


I was following a tutorial, and in the middle of it i found i couldnt follow the steps to boolean a window, or whatever

In the below project, “cant fill to boolean” object is the shape im trying to fill - im guessing it has something to do with the edges or vertices or something i have no idea and unable to google or youtube a solution

you will see the wall behind this shape is what im trying to cut, using this shape, and the frame of which i was trying to make the boolean shape from

I thought one could just merge everything into one big loop edge and begin the boolean process but cant click my way around it

Please help



Is this what you’re trying to do?

,:eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: Yes wuuttt.

This is slightly different to what the boolean tutorial was saying.

I’m going to try and copy this by watching your video but what is the name of the key feature so I can look it up? Something about knife mesh and cut through?

Thanks so much

No problem man :+1:. It’s called Knife Project. If you select two objects then go into edit mode, it will project the first one you select onto the second one. What “Cut through” does is ensure that the first object projects onto every face, not just the visible ones.

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Nice! I’ve done it now

I was being a noob, i thought you deleted vertices, so my whole wall was deleting but then i woke up and realised it was faces (duh)

Thanks again

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